Term Dates

Concordia Lutheran College has four terms per calendar year.

2019 Term Dates

Term 2 - 9 weeks
Monday 22 April Easter Monday Holiday
Tuesday 23 April Pupil Free Day (All Campuses), Parent-Teacher Interviews (SSC), Boarder Travel Day
Wednesday 24 April Term 2 starts (All Campuses)
Thursday 25 April Anzac Day Holiday
Monday 6 May Labour Day Holiday
Thursday 20 June Term 2 concludes (All Campuses)
Friday 21 June Parent-Teacher Interviews (JC), Pupil Free Day (All Campuses), Boarder Travel Day
Term 3 - 10 weeks
Monday 15 July Term 3 starts (JC), Pupil Free Day (SSC), Boarder Travel Day, Parent-Teacher Interviews (SSC)
Tuesday 16 July Term 3 starts (SSC)
Thursday 19 September Term 3 concludes (SSC)
Friday 20 September Term 3 concludes (JC), Pupil Free Day (SSC), Boarder Travel Day
Term 4 - 8 weeks
Monday 7 October Queen's Birthday Holiday
Tuesday 8 October Term 4 starts (JC), Pupil Free Day (SSC), Boarder Travel Day
Wednesday 9 October Term 4 starts (SSC)
Monday 21 October Pupil Free Day QCAA (All Campuses)
Friday 15 November Last day for Year 12
Friday 29 November Term 4 concludes (12.30pm at SSC, 3.10pm at JC), Boarder Travel Day

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