The decision to board your son or daughter will be one of the most important that your family will make. Creating a welcoming home comes naturally to us, after all we have been doing so at Concordia since 1946.

Boarding isn’t just hanging around with another bunch of kids, but it’s hanging around with a new family that I didn’t even know I had.

The boarding experience at Concordia Lutheran College is one of a warm, family-oriented home away from home among friends. We appreciate that being apart from your child for long periods can be daunting; rest assured, we have worked hard to create a happy, caring environment.

Boarding life in Toowoomba teaches young people the importance of independence, respect and tolerance. We house a melting pot of students from a diverse mix of cultures, but each year see lifelong friendships made within our successful boarding community.

Concordia Boarding maintains a healthy balance between achieving academic goals, social relaxation, youth activities and service to others. This is why it’s such a special place for your child.

The majority of boarding staff live within the complex, ensuring supervision and availability at all times. Where we can, we help boarders with their off-campus cocurricular activities, which can include club sports, part-time jobs, school-based traineeships and TAFE courses.

A varied weekend activity program is offered to make sure students take full advantage of their leisure time. Shopping trips to Brisbane, catching the latest blockbuster at the cinema or camping out in some of the Darling Downs’ most beautiful spots take boarders away from the campus. Staying on-campus, activities range from firepit singalongs to mini Olympic Games.

Additional scholarship opportunities for rural families are a bonus.

For further information on boarding at Concordia, view our Handbook for Boarders and Parents.

Concordia Lutheran College is also a member of the Australian Boarding Schools Association.

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